Álvaro Lafuente

art collaborations

Desde Las Alturas, by Ignasi Monreal

Ya Mi Mamá Me Decía, by Ignasi Monreal

Mil y Una Noches, by Pepo Moreno

music videos

Mil y Una Noches

Desde Las Alturas


Álvaro Lafuente, known as Guitarricadelafuente, is a Spanish artist with Aragonese roots and Andalusian aesthetic. His music arises from the influence of his childhood hometown, where he learned to love the music arts and understand them as a way to express what’s in his heart. Guitarricadelafuente is an old soul. There is no other explanation for his sensitivity, typical amongst the greatest Hispano-Latin artists. The elders can recognize in him Antonio Vega’s light, the lyrics from Latin American classics, while the youth can appreciate an energetic spark that cannot be labelled yet.